These Given Gifts

The wispy page crinkles as it turns, and I smooth it down with a palm. I’ve been slowly trekking through Exodus, a book unexpectedly filled with gifts. It says it here, right in the black print, that God gifted the builders of the temple: He says of a man named Bezalel, “I have filled him with … Continue reading These Given Gifts

Our Strong Escape

We need a Strong Escape from the harshness of this world. We need a Refuge. I sit on my knees by the window, fighting the wave of panic that is inching up into my stomach (and, slow and steady, into my mind). A surge of nausea makes me swallow hard. I anxiously try to breathe … Continue reading Our Strong Escape

The Heart of Holy

Here's a piece I wrote for my church after attending their Women's Conference. Contributed by Mary Jackson I sunk onto a seat and glanced around the room. The women had garlanded the walls and windows of the sanctuary with eucalyptus, making the sanctuary a sweet and earthy escape from the winter outside. Filling the room, … Continue reading The Heart of Holy

It’s Okay to be Here

The setting sun sets fire to my clothes, the edges of my sleeve shining gold. All the lights in the house are off, and these last rays steal in and rob patches of darkness (patches of the sink, the table, the floor). I stand at the sink washing dishes. I do my best thinking here, … Continue reading It’s Okay to be Here

The Love that Spills Over

  She flew south, and then she migrated home. Home to Ohio and now here—seated at the table by the window. It is so good when a friend comes home. Friends are places where the soul lands safe, and mine nestles in to hug this missed missionary. We talk about the hard things over plates … Continue reading The Love that Spills Over

That Word of Encouragement

No one knows me better than my mom. I can see us now—sitting like we always do—her in the cream-colored chair, the one blued over with birds and branches; me on the couch, tucked in between decorative pillows, bare feet on the ottoman edge. Both of us cupping steaming mugs of coffee (either our first … Continue reading That Word of Encouragement

Seeking Righteousness over Rightness: living that daily sacrifice

The words come hard, slow. Ideas that have sat muddled in my mind for weeks fight to sharpen and focus. What does it mean—practically, spiritually—to seek righteousness over rightness? It’s a hard topic; it’s one that resides in the nucleus, forming the thoughts, the actions. Which do I long for more? Do I long to be … Continue reading Seeking Righteousness over Rightness: living that daily sacrifice