About Me


Hello, my name’s Mary. Short and classic like the rhyme and the song. I grew up in quiet Lebanon, Ohio, where the train station and the Golden Lamb are the hallmarks we treasure and tout. Halfway between cornfields and town life, tucked behind evergreens shrouding out sound, keeping the quiet, I grew up learning about life and Jesus.

This little writing space has a simple origin. Joy. That short and complex word, often mistaken for happiness. Joy has always been mysterious to me. It’s the idea that I’ve peeked at around insecurity, around fear, around anger, dissatisfaction, disillusionment, pain, and even happiness and complacency. It’s a word punctuated with a question mark. What comprises a never-wavering joy? A complete satisfaction? A trust so deep in the Savior that nothing sways its devotion? But I’m journeying to the declarative statement:

Joy’s explanation is embedded deeply into our walks with Jesus. It’s in the sitting with Him, walking with Him, talking with Him. It’s in Him. This One, this Word-made-flesh, this Peace on Earth.

So, this blog-journey is for searching, for learning, for growing, and—ultimately—for joying in the Savior Jesus. Feel free to join my journey, in this little space.




4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. The Joy of the Lord is my Strength…I sang this little tune so much with the children in camp, vbs and wherever. There is so much power in so few words. I look forward to readying more of your posts. And if you would like to pass on the joy, stop by and visit my blog. I would enjoy seeing you there.


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